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Jolien Vleeshouwers

After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master's in Health Psychology at Teesside University, Dutch national Jolien Vleeshouwers is working as a research assistant while searching for a PhD.

MSc Health Psychology

'I would recommend Teesside University as my experiences with the University have been excellent. I would also recommend my course for the same reason.'

Jolien Vleeshouwers: BSc (Hons) Psychology

Jolien Vleeshouwers came to Teesside on a student exchange and enjoyed it so much she returned to study for a BSc (Hons) Psychology.

What was your favourite part of the master's degree?

I have always enjoyed the research aspects of my degree, and my goal is to continue studying and do a PhD.

What have you been doing since you completed your master's?

Since graduating, I have been applying for PhD positions all over Europe, which is highly competitive. In order to improve my CV and get work experience I started working as a voluntary research assistant, and was later employed as a research assistant. This was a part-time contract, and I worked part-time for another company as a PA as well, in order to gain an income and have a job when my contract ended.

What does the research assistant role involve?

I am working on the completion of an international research bid on the topic of dyadic coping with breast cancer. I worked on a study investigating the workings of a health device for patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
For this study my jobs include, amongst other things, data collection (interviewing participants), data analysis and project management tasks such as contact with the manufacturer of the device, and organising lab analysis of participant saliva samples.