Science, Engineering & Design research

The SSED research and innovation platform covers both innovative fundamental research and applied industry facing activities in Science, Engineering and Design. There has been a particular focus on the bio-economy, Smart Energy Systems & Informatics, Engineering Processes and Creative Design. The bio economy is focusing on developing an understanding of complex interactions in biological systems.


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Teesside's online research repository gives you access to the collection of peer-reviewed research and e-theses produced by members of the Technology Futures Institute.

Research Groups

Engineering Processes

Research activity centres around development and application of novel optical spectroscopy techniques, development and characterisation of heterogeneous catalysts and more.

Smart Energy Systems and Energy Informatics

This group carries out a range of research and enterprise activities centred around the themes of intelligent sensing, control and informatics for energy-related applications.

System Biology and Forensic Sciences

This group is involved in fundamental and applied research aimed at capitalising on the characterisation, understanding and modelling of complex interactions within biological systems.

Design and Creative Innovation

This group brings together a mix of established creative practitioners with internationally recognised research portfolios and early career researchers