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Farida Amrouche

PhD in Innovative technique to alter and control wettability of hydrocarbon reservoir to favourable wettability using electrical power -WALEP- (Chemical Engineering-Petroleum Engineering)

Farida Amrouche

Why Teesside?

I completed my MSc at Teesside, so I was familiar with the area and during my studies I volunteer on various University projects. I helped my eventual supervisor with work relating to reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and simulation using eclipse software. My supervisor was impressed with my work ethic and suggested I apply for the PhD studentship.

How is your experience as a PhD student?

It has been great. I have delivered presentations in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and within the UK. Being able to have my work published in journals is something I’m extremely proud of, Teesside university funding helped me to achieve this.

What skills have you learned?

I have broadened and strengthened my knowledge since starting my PhD, improved my problem-solving skills and have learnt how to be more creative with my work, as well as becoming more independent with my research and projects. I help with supporting and training PhD and master’s students with using the equipment, health and safety protocol, research and innovation and also support them in developing their problem-solving skills. My ability to collect data, self-analyse and being proactive has helped me be more productive during my PhD.

How are the campus and support services?

Relaxing is important to me as my PhD work can often be very stressful, this is why the Students’ Union is great because I can relax with friends, either having a meal or playing pool. Student Life provides mental health support, career support and can help you with IT issues and accommodation. The Library is an important building for every student, and I love that each floor is based on a different season, it makes studying a lot easier and more fun.

What are Middlesbrough and the surrounding area like?

Middlesbrough is a quiet, safe place to live and there’s something for everyone no matter where you are from. For me it is important to access certain types of food, including halal and there is a great selection in the town. Being close to the seaside is great when you need some time away from studying. It doesn’t cost much to live in central Middlesbrough, it’s very affordable.

What next?

My research plan is to work in academia and continue to help and share my experiences. Researching at Teesside allows you to develop your skills and to think outside the box and I’d love to help people grow their skills.

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