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Student Recruitment

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For general enquiries about working with us, please contact Jade Whittaker:

Telephone: 01642 738183

To discuss a specific subject or event, please use the contact list below.

Vickie Allport

Areas: Science, Engineering, Design

Vickie Allport

Vickie graduated with a degree in crime scene science from Teesside University in 2012 and a master’s in forensic science in 2016. Before her present role as Recruitment Assistant, Vickie worked in various posts across the University and Students’ Union.

More about Vickie

She knows the University inside out and has useful and recent knowledge of what it’s like to be a student here.

Vickie is responsible for activities for the School of Science, Engineering & Design. Get in touch to organise a visit to campus for your group, or for our staff to come to you to deliver a session in a science, engineering or design subject area.

Ami Becker

Areas: Computer animation, computer games, computing and web, Media and communications, The arts

Ami Becker
  • Recruitment Assistant (School of Computing, Media & the Arts)
  • 01642 342962

Ami is the Recruitment Assistant for the School of Computing & Digital Technologies, and the MIMA School of Fine Art. She graduated from Teesside University with BA (Hons) in 2014, and with a master’s in cultural history in 2017, specialising in local history

More about Ami

Ami has previously worked for Middlesbrough Museums and Middlesbrough Football Club (she loves Teesside)!

Ami is the point of contact for teachers and advisers in the fields of computing, games animation visual effects, media, music and journalism, and the arts. If you’d like to find out how we can work with your school or college in any of these areas, give Ami a shout – she’ll be happy to help.

Matthew Greco

Areas: Postgraduate, specialist groups

Matthew Greco

Matt graduated from university in 2006 with a master’s in marketing management. He has more than 12 years’ experience in undergraduate and postgraduate roles.

More about Matthew

Matt is responsible for the co-ordination of pre-application events to support under-represented groups in higher education. He is here to help young people - and the professionals who support them - to make informed and enjoyable transitions to university.

Drop Matt a line if you think he can assist you or the young people you support.

Lee Musson

Lee Musson

Lee has worked at Teesside University since graduating in 2010. He has held a number of student-focused roles in recruitment, employability and international mobility.

More about Lee

Lee is eager to hear from you about how we can support you with inspirational and informative activities for your students studying social sciences, humanities or law.

Kate Nelson

Kate has worked at Teesside University for 18 years, starting in admissions in what was previously known as the School of Science & Technology. This was followed by a move to student recruitment as a Recruitment Assistant for the School of Social Sciences & Law.

More about Kate

Kate has recently taken on a new role in student recruitment with a view to building relationships with colleges from outside the North East and North Yorkshire.

Amy Thompson

Areas: Nursing, midwifery and nursing, Sport and exercise

Amy Thompson

Amy works closely with the School of Health & Social Care as a recruitment assistant. Having worked in the sector since 2004, she has a wealth of expertise in student recruitment and widening participation.

More about Amy

In her previous role, Amy was responsible for the Year 10 higher education summer school. She has considerable experience with pre- and post-16 students.

Please contact Amy for advice and guidance on any of our health courses or to arrange a visit to campus for hands-on sessions, facilities tours and activities.

Cheryl Walker

Areas: Business, Accounting, Marketing and enterprise

Cheryl Walker

Cheryl graduated from university in 2009 with a degree in criminology. She later worked in marketing and recruitment in the School of Health & Social Care before joining the student recruitment team.

More about Cheryl

Cheryl is responsible for organising and co-ordinating activities for Teesside University Business School and is the main point of contact for teachers and advisers on business, marketing, accounting and enterprise. Please get in touch if you would to find out more, Cheryl will be happy to help.

Jade Whittaker

Areas: Activities on our campus and yours, CPD opportunities, Year 12 Summer School, Passport

Jade Whittaker

Jade is the main point of contact for all colleges based in the North East and North Yorkshire. She graduated with a fine art degree in 2014, and has since worked in a variety of admissions and student recruitment roles.

More about Jade

Jade is responsible for the organisation of our Year 12 residential summer school and the Supporting Progression Conference.

Contact Jade if you would like Teesside University to attend or support your HE fairs, progression and careers events.

Angela Wood

Areas: Student ambassadors, Pre-16

Angela Wood

Angela is the main point of contact for the University’s student ambassadors. She is responsible for the overall co-ordination, recruitment, selection, training and management of more than 120 student ambassadors.

More about Angela

She is a great person to contact if you’re interested in our ambassadors working with your students.

Angela is also the main contact for all pre-16 activity and liaises with primary and secondary schools across the Tees Valley, County Durham, North Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear, working with teachers and pupils from Year 5 - 11.