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For general enquiries about working with us, please contact Jade Whittaker:

Telephone: 01642 738183

To discuss a specific subject or event, please use the contact list below.

Priya Ahmed

Graduate Intern

Areas: Pre-16, Specialist groups

Vickie Allport

Recruitment Assistant (School of Science, Engineering & Design)

Areas: Science, Engineering, Design

Ami Becker

Recruitment Assistant (School of Computing, Media & the Arts)

Areas: Computer animation, computer games, computing and web, Media and communications, The arts

Gary Crawley

Student Recruitment & Outreach Manager

Matthew Greco

Recruitment Co-ordinator (Postgraduate)

Areas: Postgraduate, specialist groups

Laura Haveron

Admissions Marketing Co-ordinator

Areas: Open day marketing resources, student profiles, social media

Daniel Iceton

Recruitment Assistant (Postgraduate)

Areas: Postgraduate, CPD opportunities, SHort courses

William Jones

Recruitment and Admissions Manager

Amy Thompson

Recruitment Assistant (School of Health & Social Care)

Areas: Nursing, midwifery and nursing, Sport and exercise

Cheryl Walker

Recruitment Assistant (Teesside University Business School)

Areas: Business, Accounting, Marketing and enterprise

Jade Whittaker

Recruitment Co-ordinator

Areas: Activities on our campus and yours, CPD opportunities, Year 12 Summer School, Passport

Carl Williams

Graduate Intern

Areas: Student ambassadors, Pre-16

Karen Williams

Recruitment Co-ordinator

Areas: Open days, Short courses, Part-time, Parents

Angela Wood

Recruitment Assistant (Student Ambassadors)

Areas: Student ambassadors, Pre-16