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Current students

Book a PC

Book to use study and social learning PC spaces on campus

Academic study spaces

  • Athena Building*
  • Cook Building*
  • Library
  • Mercuria Building*
  • Parkside West*
  • Waterhouse Building*

*space dedicated for use by MIMA and SCEDT students only

Book a study space

Booking information

  • Use the link above to book your PC
  • Bookings can be made over a 7 day rolling period, for 1 hour minimum and 4 hours maximum
  • If you want to book more than 1 hour, you need to book consecutive slots. Specify the same type of space in the same location, so that you can stay in the same space for the length of the booking, eg. 9.00am-10.00am, 10.00am-11.00am & 11.00am-12.00pm, allows a stay of 9.00am-12.00pm.
  • Your booking confirmation will be emailed to your email address
  • Please cancel your booking if you do not need it by following the link on your confirmation email

Bookings - terms and conditions

  • Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your allotted slot
  • Please arrive no later than fifteen minutes after the start of your booked session. If you have not arrived by this point, your PC may be given to another student.
  • You will need to check in with a Campus Marshal on arrival to confirm your attendance (for the Library and Student Life building, please see a member of staff)
  • PCs/study spaces are for individual use only
  • In line with University policy you should wear a face covering in communal areas. Please ensure you comply, unless exempt
  • If you can no longer attend, please cancel your booking so that it can be allocated to someone else. We reserve the right to withdraw the right to book a space from students who fail to attend a booking or bookings without a valid reason
  • We request that you wipe down your workstation prior to use. There are wipe stations in each location
  • Please make sure you obey social distancing rules and any signs in the location
  • At the end of your booking please place any rubbish in a nearby bin and clean down your workstation with the available wipes
  • Please ensure you leave promptly at the end of your booking and ensure that the space is clean and tidy for the next user

Failure to comply with the terms and condition will result in you being asked to leave the location. You may subsequently have the ability to book a study space withdrawn if we conclude that your conduct may endanger the safety of others.

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