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Applying for Extenuating Circumstances

The University recognises that there may be occasions during the course of your study where you are unable to effectively complete your assessment(s), or where your performance in your assessment(s) has been affected.

The University's Extenuating Circumstances process for students undertaking taught provision enables you to notify your School/Collaborative Partner of your circumstances so that they may be taken into account when making a decision in relation to your progress or results. The sooner your School/Collaborative Partner is made aware of the difficulties you are experiencing, the easier it will be for them to support you. However, you should be aware that the submission of an Extenuating Circumstances Application Form is not in itself a guarantee that your application will be accepted.

A copy of the Extenuating Circumstances Regulations (Taught Provision) ('Regulations') are available at, and you are strongly recommended to read these Regulations and the supporting guide below before completing your Application Form.

Please ensure your Extenuating Circumstances Application Form is fully completed, that you have attached appropriate evidence, and have obtained a signature from an academic member of staff confirming that the content of your Application Form has been discussed. Please note that incomplete applications may not be accepted for consideration.

If you are on a research degree course you will need to contact your relevant school/collaborative partner.

You may return a paper copy of your completed Extenuating Circumstances Application Form to your School/Collaborative Partner. However, should you wish to return it electronically to your School this may be submitted using the following relevant email address: