Gender and Transgender

At Teesside University we are committed to gender identity equality and value the rich diversity in our University community.

Transgender student life at Teesside - So, what do you need to know?

We are proud of the warm welcome we give to all of our students. In particular we recognise that growth in the diversity of our students will enhance the success of the relationships we build and the experience our students have while they study here. We recognise that to achieve this, there needs to be a climate of inclusivity and equal opportunity, and we are working hard towards this.

We expect that everyone who works and studies here will treat others with respect and will take on the responsibility to act with courtesy and consideration towards all of the members of our community.

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What does that mean?

Gender identity is one of the newest protected characteristics in equality and diversity legislation, and we have consulted our transgender students and their friends about their experiences and what they think we could do to improve student life.

We want to make sure that we are getting things right and we are aware that there is a rapid and continuous evolution of language and ideas in relation to transgender life. We are actively seeking to discover the best ways to make our students feel comfortable and safe while they study and socialise at Teesside University.

If you would like to talk to someone about being part of this consultation process, email Jackie Pounder:

Who can I go to for advice?

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone in confidence about issues relating to your gender, or to discuss dates and the venue for a safe space to meet other transgender students, contact Helen Severs in the Student Centre by email

The counselling service can also help by providing a supportive and confidential relationship to explore your thoughts about gender or any other issues you may have.

Email to make an appointment.

For information about our sexual health clinics, email

If you would like to talk things over with the University chaplain you can contact the Reverend Tessa Stephens by phone 01642 342708 or email

The Students’ Union can provide support and also information on clubs and societies which may be useful. Click here to access representatives

For guidance if you are being bullied or harassed:

Student Services, first floor, Student Centre
T: 01642 342277

The SU Student Support
Students’ Union building
T: 01642 342247

Other resources

Gendered Intelligence
Activities, support training and resources for trans people and those who support them

Advice, information and support for family members, partners and friends of trans people

GIRES (Gender Identity, Research and Education Society)
Promotes research, campaigns and provides publications, especially in medical/healthcare.

Hart Gables
Providing support, advice and guidance to the LGBT community in the Tees Valley area.

Gender Shift
Provides an online resource for transgender people and their friends and families

Gender Trust
support, information and education on gender identity issues. National helpline - 0845 2310505

The Mix
A free and confidential multi-channel service giving Information and guidance about gender for under 25 year olds

NHS Choices
Information from the NHS about transgender health issues.

Gender Indentity Support Service
A North East support Service for people between 15 and 25.

Trans Unite
support for the transgender & non-binary communities.

Additional University support

Health and well-being
information about your health and well-being as a student

the University has a counselling service for any issues you may wish to explore

Faith and Refection Service
there may be issues the University can help you talk through.

if you need any information and advice specifically around careers you can find out more through our Careers pages.

Teesside University Students' Union
You can contact the Students’ Union for advice and information on sexuality. A student representative from the Students' Union is part of the University’s sexuality focus group so if you have ideas of what you would like to see the University do then speak to the Students’ Union and let them know your ideas.

Tackling bullying and harassment (word - 32kb)
information and advice if you feel you are being bullied or harassed because of your sexuality or for any other reason.

We welcome your feedback

We hope you have found this information useful. If you have any comments or suggestions about the services we provide for LGBT students please tell us.

Why not join us shape your University?

We have a Focus Group for LGBT students and staff at Teesside University. It’s your chance to help shape your University. You will be involved in decision making and sharing of ideas on what would make the Teesside University LGBT community better. We would love you to join us. For further information just drop Angela Ramage an e-mail at