Religion and beliefs

Faith provision on campus

The Meeting House

The Chaplaincy is located at the Meeting House on King Edward’s Square. It offers a variety of activities, some of which will be specifically faith-based and others which offer opportunities to find space for reflection or to socialise.
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Islamic prayer room

There is a dedicated Islamic prayer room in the Brittan building. The purpose of the prayer room is to provide a calm, clean and neutral environment where Islamic prayers can be offered. Men and women pray separately and for this reason the prayer room is partitioned, with dedicated space for wudhu (ablution). It is available to staff, students and visitors of the University. For access details, please contact the Chaplaincy office or the Student Services reception.

Please note the current prayer room in the Brittan Building will remain open throughout Ramadan.

Student societies

We have an active and friendly Christian Union. If you would like to find out more about it and how to join, please contact the Chaplaincy or look up the Facebook group.
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Links to local faith communities

Middlesbrough has a huge variety of churches, temples and mosques. If you would like more information about ways to connect with your faith community in the Tees Valley, please contact the University Chaplain and she will be pleased to help.

How can I contribute?

If you are interested in the interface between the University and faith communities, you may wish to join the religion and belief focus group. This group has staff and student representation and is open to anyone with an interest in religion and belief issues. It aims to raise awareness and break down the barriers that prevent staff and students from achieving their potential regardless of their religion or belief.

The group meet three to four times each year. Anyone who would like more information or is interested in joining the group should contact Margaret Younger on 01642 738459, or email .