Counselling service

What does the counselling service do?

The Counselling Service has two main roles in the University for students:

1. To provide therapeutic interventions by assisting and exploring with clients personal, social, psychological issues and difficulties during their academic studies. These may be personal issues, relationship difficulties, homesickness, episodes of depression, stress, or other personal related concerns. The aim of the Counselling Service is to help clients find resolution to their issues or more constructive and positive ways forward.

2. To assist and help students develop key lifelong skills to deal with personal issues that may occur at some future date. Everybody at some stage will have feelings of being down, anxious, stressed and not sleeping. Through our online therapeutic programme Silver Cloud, it is possible to learn some basic skills and approaches to help with these issues.

Counselling is confidential

The service will not reveal anything to anyone, unless you ask us to. This means your school or tutor won’t know unless you want us to tell them. This also applies to your family or partner.
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Eligibility for counselling

To access counselling you will need to be an enrolled student currently on a course at Teesside University.

How do I get in touch with the Counselling Service?

Your first step towards counselling is to either call in and see a counsellor in the Counselling Drop-In, in the Europa building, or email and obtain a Registration Form to access counselling. The completed form will allow the Counselling Service to make a reasonably informed assessment of your current situation and look at appropriate counselling options and interventions that may be suitable. Information given on this form is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Counselling Service without your consent. A Service Agreement is at the end of the Registration Form which details information about counselling appointments and how your information is stored.

With this Registration Form you will be supplied with a number of self-help resources which have been identified from student feedback as being very helpful. It is important that while you are waiting for counselling, you access these resources as we will ask you when we see you how helpful they have been. If you feel that there is not a particular resource that fits your issue, please email, so that we can identify a resource that may be helpful.

You can make an enquiry about counselling by ringing 01642 342277 or by calling into the Student Centre in the Europa building.

If you are struggling with your course, or a particularly urgent situation, you can talk to your tutors or come into the Student Centre in the Europa building and talk to a student adviser.


Counselling drop-in

If you would like to see a counsellor for a quick informal discussion, the Counselling Service runs a drop-in where you can talk with a counsellor for 20 minutes. It will be on a first come, first served basis - so be prepared to wait. This will not be an assessment, but an opportunity to seek some guidance about any particular personal or course related issue. Self-help resources will be identified, if appropriate, and any other immediate recommendations, eg. talking to your GP or Course Team. To find out details of the times of the Counselling Drop-In, you will need to ring 01642 342277.

If counselling is appropriate, we will ask you to fill in a Registration Form which we will send via email.


More information

Our confidential counselling service can support you through any personal or academic difficulties and develop constructive ways forward.

Contact us

T: 01642 342277