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Postgraduate study

Student views

Martin Miles

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

My only regret now is I didn’t do this early. It’s hard but thoroughly enjoyable.

Martin Miles

Why an MBA?

I didn’t want to change jobs but I wanted to develop a more strategic overview of the business and where it was headed so I could look at things differently.

I think it’s important to invest in yourself so you can learn and avoid getting insular in your outlook on the world.

Best thing about the course?

The one thing that’s really struck me has been the quality of the programme. The teaching team are great and have developed a course which is relevant to every business today. And they’re delivering it in a beautiful new Business School.

I like the exposure you get to industry leaders who have spoken to us and helped with projects and tasks in the classroom.

I’ve also managed to ensure that all my assignments have been work-based projects – studying something relevant to my day job was vital for me going into the course.

Did you feel supported?

Having not been in a classroom for 30 years – that’s pre-internet – I was concerned about going back into an academic environment. I feel like I’ve been fully supported and the experience has exceeded my expectations.

The course is challenging – you would expect that from an MBA – but the way you can access the library and online resources means you can make it work around the demands of the day job.

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