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Postgraduate study

Our students

Link to Meet Feras Abozaid.

Feras Abozaid
MSc Civil and Structural Engineering

Link to Meet Samantha Hughes.

Samantha Hughes
MSc Forensic Science

Link to Meet Livvey Whelpton.

Livvey Whelpton
MSc Diagnostic Radiography (Pre-registration)

Link to Meet Chattida (Mo)  Ajjimakul.

Chattida (Mo) Ajjimakul
MA Animation and Visual Effects

Link to Meet Pete Ellis.

Pete Ellis
MA Computer Games Art

Link to Meet Olalekan Odedeyi.

Olalekan Odedeyi
PhD Manufacturing Engineering

Link to Meet Andrew Richardson	.

Andrew Richardson
MSc Sport and Exercise

Link to Meet Jessica  Williams.

Jessica Williams
Master of Business Administration

Link to Meet Neil Fatkin.

Neil Fatkin
MA Journalism

Link to Meet Katie Cartwright.

Katie Cartwright
MSc Forensic Psychology

Link to Meet Bharath Maraka.

Bharath Maraka
MSc Food Processing Engineering (with Advanced Practice)

Link to Meet Jane Taylor.

Jane Taylor
MSc Forensic Psychology