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Sophie Suri

Sophie SuriPhD research

Sophie is in the first year of her PhD research and enjoying every aspect.

'The work is novel and has the potential to improve clinical care – a very exciting project and team to be part of.'

Meet Sophie Suri

Sarah Birch

Sarah  BirchMA Education

Sarah studied part time and, since taking her master’s, has taken on a new role.

'The master’s was absolutely perfect for me because it allowed me to explore areas of research which had an impact on my working life.'

Meet Sarah Birch

Olivia Monaghan

Olivia Monaghan

Olivia MonaghanMA Future Design

Olivia Monaghan hopes to set up her own design business after excelling on her postgraduate course.

'It’s a great place to study.'

Meet Olivia Monaghan

Samantha Hughes

Samantha HughesMSc Forensic Science

After completing jury service, Samantha decided it was time for a career change to forensic science.

'The staff are so enthusiastic about their subject and are always willing to help if you have any questions.'

Meet Samantha Hughes

Ashitah Aujayeb

Ashitah AujayebMSc Criminology

Ashitah came from Mauritius to study here.

'I would definitely recommend Teesside because the staff are great, very supportive.'

Meet Ashitah Aujayeb

Sohail Ahmed

Sohail AhmedMSc Process Manufacturing Management

Sohail ensures plant and equipment is reliable and safe, and complies with British and European standards.

'My postgraduate course was certainly a good investment towards my career.'

Meet Sohail Ahmed