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Holy landlady and her reckless (fracking) tenant
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
25 April 2017
SoFI seminar series
HS1.03, Centuria (meet on 1st floor of Clarendon at 3.45pm for refreshments)
26 April 2017
English Research Seminar: Rob Hawkes, 'Uncertainty, Authenticity, and Trust in Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle' 03 May 2017
Management Masterclass: finance for non-financial managers 10 May 2017
SOFI seminar series 2016-17
Room Cl 1.01 Clarendon Building
10 May 2017
Research Opportunities for Allied Health Professionals in the North East region 17 May 2017
ExpoTees 2017
Teesside University, Middlesbrough Campus - The Curve
23 May 2017
Corruption in the beautiful game
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
30 May 2017
Management Masterclass: workplace absence, who needs it? 07 June 2017
Screening of The Royal Ballet 07 June 2017
Leadership Network with Anthony Hilton: economics and finance 13 June 2017
PRINCE2® 2009 Foundation/Practitioner - Professional course
Teesside University, Darlington Campus
26 June 2017
Anonymity in serious sexual offences - time for review?
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
27 June 2017
In conversation with Alastair Waite 29 June 2017
Management Masterclass: who wants to manage a project? 05 July 2017
'Making it' to spam city
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
25 July 2017
Launchpad Fuel 2017
Victoria Road
07 August 2017
Friday night and the gates are low: Sport and popular music
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
29 August 2017
Management Masterclass: workplace culture, does it matter? 06 September 2017
Breaking taboo: coping with death and bereavement
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
26 September 2017
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