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Research from Teesside University sheds new light on how Vesuvius victims died

Professor Tim Thompson. Link to Professor Tim Thompson.

Some victims of the Mount Vesuvius eruption in AD 79 had a slower death than previously believed, new research by Teesside University has found.

23 Jan 2020 Research

Professors Shaun Hendy and Amelia Lake. Link to Professors Shaun Hendy and Amelia Lake.

International research trip leads to further collaboration

Teesside University welcomed an internationally-renowned professor to look at ways in which science and policy can come together to affect change.

22 Jan 2020 Research

Dr Tracey Crosbie . Link to Dr Tracey Crosbie .

Teesside team to research international access to essential services

A Teesside University research team will lead a project to strengthen equal access to essential services such as clean water and electricity for all communities in India.

6 Jan 2020 Research