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Bio-economy in wool process engineering

Dr Pattanathu Rahman (left) with his postgraduate students.. Link to Dr Pattanathu Rahman (left) with his postgraduate students..

Teesside University's biotechnology postgraduate students have been exploring bio-economy prospects for wool industries in the UK.

1 Nov 2017 Business

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Research collaboration with India

Malaria management is a big challenge due to the presence of insecticide-resistant strains as well as the development of Plasmodium species highly resistant to major anti-malarial drugs.

20 Oct 2017 Research

Professor Denis Martin.. Link to Professor Denis Martin..

Digital experts looking to get beyond the ‘audition’ stage in international healthcare project

An X-Factor style audition process will see some of Europe’s top developers compete to create products using virtual reality and digital technology to aid rehabilitation for people with a range of health concerns.

18 Oct 2017 Research