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Research Excellence Framework (REF)

REF 2021

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) assesses the quality of research in UK Higher Education Institutions, with the aim of providing accountability for public research funding, making available benchmarking information, and driving the allocation of quality-related funding to support UK research.

REF assesses the quality of research outputs, from journal papers to art exhibitions and everything in between; the economic, social and cultural impact of research, and each university's research environment.

The University submitted to five UoAs in REF 2021:

  • Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy
  • Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory
  • Engineering
  • Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
  • Social Work and Social Policy

At Teesside we transform lives and economies. We pride ourselves on delivering research that addresses the challenges of today and makes a real difference to individuals, organisations and society. In the REF 2021, the majority of our research was judged to be world-leading or internationally excellent in terms of the social, economic and cultural impact it delivers.

In the seven years since the previous REF, the University has significantly invested in research, making many excellent staff appointments, growing the number of active researchers, constructing state-of-the-art research facilities and enabling a supportive research culture.

The work of 251 research active staff was submitted to REF 2021; a significant increase since the previous REF 2014.

Whilst growing our research community considerably we also maintained, and in many areas enhanced, the quality of our research.

The quality of our research environment was also found to have increased.

REF 2021 TU Research is combatting organised crime

Research carried out at Teesside University has informed the development of key national security strategies to counter criminal activity and illicit financing, helping to make communities safer and reducing social harm.

REF 2021 TU Research is addressing childhood obesity

Research from Teesside University resulted in new rules banning the advertising and selling of these products to children, including energy drinks, in children’s media and on supermarket shelves, improving the health and wellbeing of the nation’s young people.

REF 2021 TU Research is improving the representation of disability in public and cultural spaces

By preserving hidden histories of disability, researchers at Teesside University have ensured the creativity of those with disabilities is centre stage in the arts and mainstream media. This work has improved the representation of disability in public and cultural spaces, driving positive social change and inclusivity.

REF 2021 TU Research is creating smarter, greener energy solutions

Researchers at Teesside University have developed smart tools that automatically adapt to changing energy demand and production.

Our Code of Practice outlines the processes we used to prepare our submission, specifically: how staff with significant responsibility for research were identified; how research independence was determined; and how outputs were selected for submission. The final Code of Practice was submitted to Research England in November 2020.
Code of Practice.

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