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About us

University mission and values

Teesside 2020

Teesside 2020 sets out a new vision for the University that raises the aspiration and ambition of Teesside University to be an international university at the heart of the Tees Valley with a reputation for academic excellence.

Teesside 2020

It will respond to the challenges and opportunities facing universities over the next five years and build Teesside’s brand and reputation both nationally and internationally.


Teesside will be a leading University with an international reputation for academic excellence that provides an outstanding student and learning experience underpinned by research, enterprise and the professions.


Teesside University generates and applies knowledge that contributes to the economic, social and cultural success of students, partners and the communities we serve.

Through education enriched by research, innovation, and engagement with business and the professions, we transform lives and economies.


At Teesside University we seek to enhance the experience of all our students, staff and external partners by:

  • Delivering excellence in learning, research and enterprise
  • Empowering individuals and teams to enhance their contribution to the University
  • Fostering creativity, enterprise and innovation
  • Embracing diversity and actively opposing prejudice
  • Communicating openly, honestly and respectfully at all times
  • Committing to sustainability and the protection of our environment
  • Taking responsibility and demonstrating leadership.

Corporate Aims

  1. Student Learning Experience – a student experience which is informed, inspiring and innovative
  2. Research and Innovation – real world, global, and underpinning academic and industry success
  3. Enterprise and Business Engagement – knowledge services supporting economic growth and student learning
  4. International Strategy – an international university with a global network of partnerships and diverse students
  5. Resources and Business Management – sustainable, ambitious, professional and an admired employer

Economic and Social Impact

Our mission states our contribution to the economic, social and cultural success not only of our students, but of the communities we serve.

Staff and students across our University community are actively engaged in enriching society and the economy through charitable giving, volunteering, enterprise, governance and mentoring – and through award-winning programmes of outreach activity and events.