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Our Income and how we spend it

In 2021/22 our total income was £180.3m, this income is derived from a number of sources, which is shown below.
The income is used to support a wide range of activities including research-based teaching and learning, research, enterprise & knowledge exchange to ensure that we deliver an oustanding student and learning experience, putting students at the heart of everything we do.

Teesside University - income analysis 2021-22

How do student fees contribute to the costs of running our University?

Tuition fees & Education Contracts totalling over £139m represent a significant proportion of our total income. These contribute to the £183.5m costs necessary to create a stimulating learning environment which enables us to deliver an outstanding student and learning experience by putting the students at the heart of everything we do. We integrate research into teaching and knowledge transfer to develop real world application and equip our students with the skills and experiences to enhance their future employment prospects. Over the last 3 years the University has increased the number of academic staff by over 25%.

Teesside University - expenditure analysis 2021-22

* Includes £10.9m non-cash expenditure relating to accounting adustments for pension costs

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