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School of Health & Life Sciences

School of Health & Life Sciences

Through a range of professionally-accredited, research-informed courses, we develop graduates who are knowledgeable, innovative, and highly skilled.

About us


The School of Health & Life Sciences has a long established record of delivering high quality learning, teaching and research in the fields of health, sport and science.

We have an excellent reputation for working with our partners which include the NHS, voluntary and private businesses. A large numbers of our courses are accredited with the relevant professional and statutory bodies. Our high quality clinical, sport and scientific classrooms and laboratories will help you prepare for your clinical practice experience or graduate employment.

Our portfolio ranges from certificate level courses to PhD level of study.

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Learn about your subject, learn about yourself and learn a whole lot more in between.

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Step up to the next level and challenge the way you think and work.

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Short courses

Develop and enhance your knowledge and skills within your workplace.

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Why study with us?

Excellent reputation for teaching and research

Specialist facilities

Excellent graduate employability

Professionally accredited courses

Established collaborative links with employers

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