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Hundreds of scientists trained thanks to National Horizons Centre

National Horizons Centre. Link to National Horizons Centre.

Biology Week (October 1 to 9) is a national celebration of the work of the biosciences. Teesside University is playing an integral role in making this region a world-leading destination for the sector by developing skills and opportunities across the Tees Valley and beyond.

6 Oct 2022 Business

Dr Alexander Newman. Link to Dr Alexander Newman.

Meet Dr Alexander Newman

An interest in genetics led Dr Newman to a career in cancer research. He speaks about his work to improve treatments and survival rates for children with aggressive lymphoma.

4 Oct 2022 About us

Maria O’Hanlon. Link to Maria O’Hanlon.

Meet Maria O'Hanlon

PhD student, science podcaster and 'fly mum' Maria talks about her research into Parkinson's disease and the aim of finding effective treatments which drives her work. She is exploring the role of mitochondrial proteins in Parkinson’s disease using fruit flies as a model.

3 Oct 2022 About us