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Postgraduate study

Student views

Jane Taylor

Jane completed her undergraduate degree at Teesside and she's staying on to study her master's.

MSc Forensic Psychology

'Returning to education four years ago has helped me to build and establish a new life for myself and my son.'

Jane Taylor

Why psychology at Teesside University?

I’ve been interested in psychology since I was a teenager. I decided I wanted a change in career path, but I needed a degree to get the role I want. I’m a mature student with family ties, so as my local university Teesside made sense.

I completed BSc (Hons) Psychology at Teesside and now I’ve returned to study my master’s. The achievement of my undergraduate degree has made me believe I can achieve more and I’m really excited at the prospect of completing a master’s degree.

Tell us about being a mature student

As a young person leaving school, I was aware of my abilities but due to the lack of recognition of dyslexia at that time, I lost my confidence. Returning to education four years ago has helped me to build and establish a new life for myself and my son. I’m now on the path I originally intended as an 18 year old.

Have you received any scholarships?

Yes I received the Dr Keith Skeoch postgraduate scholarship of £2,500 to help me with my studies. Not only has it provided essential financial support but it has also boosted my confidence. I have a much clearer view of my future career path and I hope to secure a voluntary role within a local Transformation Challenge Team – this wouldn’t have been possible without this generous scholarship.

What do you think of the support available while studying?

I have received excellent support throughout my studies from staff at Teesside University. The support for my dyslexia, as well as the emotional support, has been exceptional, allowing me to fully achieve my potential. I believe the coming year will be challenging, but I’m confident I have the ability to rise to that challenge and move on to a rewarding life in my chosen career.