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Biomanufacturing: Optimising vaccine manufacturing

The research

Using the NHC’s state-of-the-art bioanalytical laboratory, and funded by the EPSRC Vax-Hub initiative, Professor Jim Scrivens and Dr Jackie Mosely are using mass spectrometry techniques to profile, monitor and localise host cell protein (HCP) products in adeno-associated virus (AAV) manufacture.

Their goal is to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of adenovirus-based vaccine products, with collaborative support from Professor Dan Bracewell at University College London and Dr Vicky Smith at technology innovation centre, CPI.

The impact

Adenovirus-based vaccines have shown great promise in clinical trials for a number of diseases, such as Ebola, and form an important component of modern disease fighting strategies including COVID-19 vaccine research.

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The findings of this feasibility study will be disseminated to low and middle-income countries through the EPSRC Vax-Hub, ensuring the NHC’s research has a global impact.

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