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Outstanding equipment and facilities make the NHC a world-class resource for training and research.

The centre's imaginative design includes an exciting blend of teaching, learning and collaboration spaces, together with hi-tech laboratories and a state-of-the-art computing suite. Open innovation spaces provide businesses with the tools for project development and using data analytics, modelling and simulation, visualisation and process improvement and control.


Labs and equipment

Students, graduates, businesses and researchers alike have access to an extended range of laboratories and world-class industry-standard equipment.


Ultra-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography systems coupled with high-specification mass spectrometry instruments (LC-QQQ, GC-QQQ and Q-TOF instruments including shape selective capability), enabling proteomics, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical analysis, trace analysis and protein structural studies.

Next-generation sequencing including forensic genomics instrumentation for comprehensive microbial and forensic research genomics.


Dedicated computer suite equipped with 20 high-performance workstations with a wide range of bioinformatics software capability.


High-performance confocal microscopy for cellular physiology and dynamics - MALDI and DESI mass spectrometry for molecular imaging and confocal Raman microscopy for cells, tissues and microorganisms with live cell imaging capability.


Microbial and mammalian bioreactors are available at lab scale for batch and continuous cultivation, with their operation benefiting from the comprehensive analytical facilities.

Following industry trends, single use vessel capability is available to supplement sterilisable and steam in place vessels.

'Darlington Central Park is one of our flagship developments, where business, residential and learning sit side-by-side. We are particularly excited to see the National Horizons Centre complement the National Biologics Centre and our own Business Central, which both opened in 2014, to create a place where science and innovation can flourish. STEM skills are top of the agenda and this first-class facility will give our young people fantastic training opportunities in the future.'

Bill Dixon, Darlington Borough Council