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Improving quality control in biomanufacturing and safety standards in food manufacturing

The partnerships

Led by North East-based Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS), this three-year Innovate UK project brings together industry, academia and state-of-the-art facilities at the NHC to enhance safety standards in food manufacturing.

The partnership has been driven by collaboration from the outset, with ITS and NHC researchers working together on the successful application for funding to Innovate UK. This has continued throughout implementation of the development programme, where teams are deriving new process control operations to reduce the potential for, and improve the measurement of, a potentially carcinogenic compound, Acrylamide.

The impact

This collaboration has led to new insights which will inform the development of more effective prototype process control and measure equipment. ITS are now working with NHC experts to identify the potential for commercialising the outcomes of the project across the UK and European food manufacturing industries. This will enable ITS to provide improved process control and regulatory measurement facilities to a wide range of food manufacturing companies at home and overseas.

  • ITS

Based on the collaboration experience we have received from the NHC, ITS will achieve its goal of commercialising the projects outcomes, through development of new technologies to monitor acrylamide in foods. It has created a new stream of development activities within ITS and has directly led to the first of what we see as many recruitment opportunities for the company... the availability of the NHC world-class laboratory facilities has also underpinned this project.”

Malcolm Knott, Managing Director at ITS

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