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Outreach activities for schools and colleges

We'd love to support your students by providing information, advice and guidance on their next steps, whether this is university, apprenticeships or directly into their chosen career.

We can deliver subject-specific workshops and activities in areas including business, computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital forensics, animation, games, digital art, visual effects, motion graphics and much more.

We work closely with industry partners in designing and delivering our activities, including careers talks and guest lectures and aim to inspire your students and develop their interest and knowledge.

Why Teesside University London?

Teesside University London outreach workshops


Developing ideas for animation

We focus on the pre-production process required for producing a short, animated film. We explore short story building, storyboarding, character and environment design. Students are challenged to push their creativity, identifying ways to create new and interesting characters, creatures and environments. 2 hours

Get into animation

We look at careers in the animation and VFX industry, what courses are available at Teesside University, the differences between them and the job roles our graduates go into. We showcase student work and discuss what we look for in an application and portfolio. 45 minutes

The animation production pipeline

Students explore the range of roles and processes used to create CG animation and VFX. From pre-production, production and post-production, students gain an insight into what each area involves and where their skills might fit. 45 minutes


A MINI adventure

by the movie The Italian Job. It is now one of the most famous small cars in the world. As part of a team, students simulate what it is like to work in an advertising agency and develop innovative ideas to construct a promotional campaign for MINI.

This session:

  • explores the secrets behind the success of the MINI
  • identifies marketing aspects that can be attributed to its success
  • develops ideas to enhance the brand and create a promotional campaign.

4 hours

A world without waste

The world produces over 2bn tonnes of solid waste every year. That's expected to grow to 3.4bn tonnes by 2050. Much of that waste is not managed properly, so what's the solution? The circular economy is a model of production and consumption involving sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible, reducing waste to a minimum.

This session:

  • identifies the principles of the circular economy
  • defines the fundamentals and characteristics of a circular economy
  • showcases the business benefits of transitioning to a circular business model

4 hours

Are you ready to be a responsible leader?

Leaders and leadership are found in all elements of society – in business, politics, within our communities and on TV.

Leadership comes in many different forms and there are examples of both good and poor practice. Students look at the different types of leaders and the skills required to undertake a leadership role. We'll examine leadership examples from films, books and business to define what makes for responsible leadership. We'll discuss tensions between profit and people and discuss the responsibilities of business to society. 4 hours

Business enterprise

Students get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to prepare a business idea and understand the components needed to persuade others to buy into it. They'll dive into the concepts behind idea generation, creative thinking and get hands-on in this interactive workshop. Delivered by professionals and entrepreneurs who know the industry inside-out, it's a great opportunity for them to get a real insight into enterprise. 4 hours

Social media marketing

Social media has revolutionised the way brands interact with their customers. This session explores how brands use social media platforms to communicate stories and engage their customer base. Students discover which platforms are most effective for delivering digital marketing success and gain an insight into how social media campaigns are developed and optimised.

This session:

  • reviews the impact and potential of social media for marketing
  • discusses customer and business requirements for social media
  • explores strategies and plans to manage social media marketing.

4 hours

Computer Science

Boolean algebra

Students are introduced to the use of mathematics to express computational laws and processes. We look at how to manipulate Boolean expressions, using Boolean algebra rules and DeMorgan's Laws, and use interactive activities. 45 minutes

Big data

In the digital world, vast amounts of data are generated each day. Big data systems can help us store, manage and analyse large datasets that are too big for conventional databases to handle. In this session, we look at types, sources, common applications and challenges faced by big data systems. 45 minutes

Cyber attack and defence

A cyber attack can maliciously disable computers, damage computer hardware and steal data. Cyber criminals use a variety of methods to launch a cyber-attack, including malware, phishing, denial of service. Students explore the common types of attacking technologies and operations, as well as prevention. 45 minutes

Practical robots

Students experiment with developing software to control a simple robotic device. They look at the skills required for solving problems, logical thinking, algorithms and programming. 2 hours

Data analytics

Students experiment with machine learning algorithms and Python software for making inferences starting from a dataset. We guide them through the process of applying a machine learning workflow, showcase how to create their first machine learning solution with Python and how it can help in making predictions about unseen data. 2 hours

Ethical hacking

We look at ethical hacking techniques following various methods of penetration testing and discuss how to run industry-standard tools to analyse network vulnerabilities. At the end of the session students will understand what causes a network to be vulnerable as well as techniques to enter a target system. 2 hours

Get into computer science and AI

From smartphones to self-driving cars, computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) are integral to modern business and society. This session explores job roles, skills, industry trends and the range of careers in the sector. 45 minutes

Get into cyber security

In the digital world, one cyber security breach can expose vast amounts of data and compromise critical systems. Cyber security professionals use tools and methods to design secure systems and test them for vulnerabilities using ethical hacking techniques. This session explores job roles, skills, industry trends and the range of careers in the sector. 45 minutes

Get into data science

Data scientists are responsible for handling raw data, analysing it, identifying patterns and presenting insights so that it's useful for forecasting and predicting business problems. This session explores job roles, skills, industry trends and the range of careers in the sector. 45 minutes


Art for computer games

Students gain an understanding of the core processes behind making art assets for games. They look at gathering and understanding the reference, modelling and texturing phase and implementation within a game's engine. By the end of the lecture, students will have an appreciation of the creative and technical skills required to realise game-ready assets. 45 minutes

Immersive worlds - exploring virtual technologies

Immersive technologies are reshaping our lives. The convergence of a number of new approaches, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) is transforming the way we think, work, learn and live. Entertainment, education, design, healthcare, and heavy industry are just some sectors exploring how the virtual world can change our approaches to everyday life.

Through the use of imagery and videos, this session examines how immersive technologies are shaping the world. 2 hours

Games design, development and programming

Students learn about the skills, people and processes involved in taking a game from idea to published product. Equipped with a better understanding of the workflow, students will leave with a clear idea of how their talents and interests can provide a route into this ever-growing industry. 45 minutes

Get into animation

Students get an overview of the animation and visual effects industry in the UK. We look at student work, discuss what should be included in a portfolio and discuss the job roles graduates can aspire to. 45 minutes

Get into games art

Do you like building, designing and envisioning new worlds? A career in games art could be for you. We look at job roles, learning more about 3D modelling and creating. 45 minutes

Get into games design, development and programming

We look at the creative and technical skills required for a career in the field, from designer to gameplay programmer and beyond. 45 minutes

Post-16 Progression Workshops

Applying to university through UCAS

This session details all aspects of the application process including when and how to apply, choices, deadlines, responding to offers, Extra and Clearing. 45 minutes, online only

Choosing a course and university

Looking at the range of higher education institutions and courses available, this session challenges students to think about the most important factors when choosing a subject and university. 45 minutes, online only

Introduction to higher education

What do students need to consider when thinking about going to university? This session covers:

  • how to research universities and courses
  • the application process
  • the benefits and value of higher education.

45 minutes, online only

Personal branding

This session encourages students to consider the successes of famous brands, and their strengths and qualities. Students think about their online presence and how this can be used to pitch themselves to universities and potential employers. 45 minutes, online only

Student finance and funding

This workshop details the funding available for tuition fees and living costs, and details how students pay this back on completing of their studies. 45 minutes, online only

Writing a successful personal statement

We encourage students to consider their career aims, subject strengths and personal skills, and equip them with the tools to write an outstanding personal statement. 45 minutes, online only

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