Introduction to analytical techniques for bioprocessing

Duration: 3 days
Price: £2,250+VAT

Our introduction courses are aimed at scientists, operatives and managers who are at an early stage in their career, and who want to gain an understanding of the theory and techniques used in biomanufacturing.

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Delivered in partnership with industry partners this three-day course introduces analytical techniques, analytical method development and validation for biological products including monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors and other therapeutic proteins. Content includes basic knowledge of protein chemistry, manufacturing of protein drugs and associated regulatory affair knowledge. Our unique training facility houses state-of-the-art equipment that provides delegates with the opportunity to gain hands-on practical training in complex bioprocessing procedures.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop and apply an understanding of common analytical techniques including ELISAs, PCR and protein electrophoresis.
  • Learn about Surface Plasmon Resonance and its use determination of protein kinetics through lab-based demonstrations of Biacore equipment.
  • Gain a developed understanding of more complex analytical techniques such as flow cytometry, protein stability testing and mass spectrometry.
  • Evaluate the criteria for the selection and application of analytical techniques as used for biopharmaceuticals and advanced therapy products.

Who should attend:

  • Early career biotechnology professionals (analytical development scientists, process development scientists, QC analysts, regulatory affair managers, project managers and quality assurance managers) with existing preliminary knowledge of; basics of upstream and downstream technologies, entry level protein biochemistry, and general laboratory techniques (including buffer preparation and liquid handling).
  • Individuals would typically be qualified with a relevant further education qualification such as a diploma or BSc in Science. Attendees without the recommended background or qualifications will be offered additional ‘access to the course’ support.

Course dates

Tuesday 23 – Thursday 25 November 2021
Tuesday 25 – Thursday 27 January 2022
Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11 August 2023

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