Introduction to downstream bioprocessing

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: £2,250 + VAT
  • Dates: TBC

This 3-day course explores the conventional downstream bioprocessing methods and operations utilised in modern biomanufacturing facilities.

Delivered alongside our expert industry partners, delegates will delve into the core principles of downstream processing such as chromatography, purification and membrane separations.

Delegates will gain an understanding of viral inactivation and clearance along with flocculation and their importance in pharmaceutical manufacture. Critical quality attributes will be examined to allow participants to gain an appreciation of common quality testing techniques in downstream processing.

The course will introduce participants to normal flow and crossflow filtration operations and discuss their advantages as well as their constraints. Delegates will be given the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge of bioprocessing procedures through a series of practical sessions using the Cytiva AKTA platform and associated Unicorn software. Training will be conducted in our Centre of Excellence facility housing cutting-edge laboratory instruments and benchtop-scale processing equipment, allowing delegates to gain vital hands-on practical exposure to industry-standard biomanufacturing processes and procedures.

Topics covered:

  • Downstream processing overview and fundamentals
  • Critical quality attributes in the context of downstream operations
  • Viral clearance and flocculation
  • Flow filtration techniques (normal and tangential)
  • Chromatography systems
  • Protein capture and purification
  • Polishing methods

Who should attend:

  • Scientists, manufacturing operators and process engineers new to downstream processing and industrial chromatography who want to review the basics of biomolecule purification. Individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge on design, optimisation and troubleshooting of downstream processes.

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