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Assessment Regulations

The University Academic Board approves the Assessment Regulations for Taught and Research courses. From time to time, the University undertakes a full review of its regulations to reflect changing institutional and national agendas.

The University undertook a full review of its assessment regulations for Foundation Degrees, Undergraduate Degrees and Integrated Masters Degrees during 2013-14 and new regulations were introduced on a roll-out basis from 2014/15. These are known as the 2014 assessment regulations, although the latest version is published each academic year.

Those students who enrolled on Foundation Degree, Undergraduate Degree and Integrated Master's Degree awards will be subject to the regulations which are detailed below:

Assessment Regulations
Document Date Last Modified
   Assessment Regulations for Foundation Degree Awards.pdf  (2084 kb) 27/09/2017
   Assessment Regulations for Integrated Masters Awards.pdf  (546 kb) 27/09/2017
   Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Awards.pdf  (2043 kb) 27/09/2017

The Assessment Regulations undergo an annual editorial process to ensure they are accurate and reflect any institutional changes since the previous academic year. Specific details of the amendments to the regulations for the academic year can be obtained from the Academic Registry on request, via

More recently, the University has reviewed the Taught Masters Regulations (which include Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards) and the Professional Doctorate Regulations and the new assessment regulations for these awards will be introduced for all new students from 2017-18 academic year. These are detailed below:

The assessment regulations for Higher National Awards will undergo review during 2017-18. All Higher National Awards will be subject to the following assessment regulations.

Some students who enrolled prior to 2017-18 (mainly February 2017 start Masters Students and some Professional Doctorate Students) will continue to be considered under the regulations as outlined below. Please contact your course leader for further information:

  • Taught Masters Regulations
  • Professional Doctorate Regulations
  • Some courses and/or modules have approved Variance from specific aspects for the regulations, normally due to Professorial, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) requirements.

    If you are an enrolled student and are unsure as to which set of regulations apply to you, or whether your course has any Variance, please contact your course leader for further information. If you are not a current student of the University please contact the Academic Registry, via