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RESEARCH MISCONDUCT - Review Application Pack (AIW On Professional Doctorate Programmes Only)

This process should only be used if, after the publication of the Advanced Independent Work (AIW) Research Misconduct Academic Misconduct Stage 2 Panel, you wish for the decision of the Panel to be reconsidered.

RESEARCH MISCONDUCT - Review Application Pack (AIW on Professional Doctorate Programmes only)
Document Date Last Modified
   0 - Front Cover.pdf  (111 kb) 17/09/2018
   1 - Guide for Students.pdf  (128 kb) 17/09/2018
   2 - Research Misconduct (AIW) Review Form.doc  (172 kb) 17/09/2018
   3 - Research Misconduct in (AIW) on PDP.pdf  (256 kb) 24/08/2018