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Research Regulations

Research Regulations
Document Date Last Modified
   Baseline entitlement for Postgraduate Research Students.pdf  (129 kb) 19/02/2020
   Code of Practice for PG Research 2019-20.pdf  (322 kb) 19/02/2020
   Extenuating Circumstances Regulations (Research Degree Programmes).pdf  (212 kb) 25/09/2017
   Framework and CoP for ensuring Research Integrity 2019-20.pdf  (222 kb) 19/02/2020
   Open Access Publications Policy.pdf  (458 kb) 12/05/2020
   Policy for Postgraduate Research Students as Teachers.pdf  (409 kb) 26/03/2019
   Policy on the use of Quantitative Indicators in Research v1.1.pdf  (141 kb) 16/09/2019
   Policy Procedures Guidelines for Research Ethics 2018-19.pdf  (608 kb) 09/10/2018
   RDC-A General Framework for Research Degrees 2019-20.pdf  (195 kb) 19/02/2020
   RDC-B PhD-MPhil Regulations 2019-20.pdf  (293 kb) 19/02/2020
   RDC-D PhDCW and MPhilCW Regulations 2019-20.pdf  (187 kb) 19/02/2020
   RDC-E General Examination Regulations for Higher Degrees by Research 2019-20.pdf  (274 kb) 19/02/2020
   Regulations relating to Research Misconduct in Advanced Independent Work (AIW) on Professional Doctorate Programmes.pdf  (246 kb) 25/09/2017
   Regulations relating to research misconduct on PGR programmes 2019-20.pdf  (275 kb) 19/02/2020
   Research Data Management Policy.pdf  (175 kb) 04/05/2020
   Use of University's logo on research student work.pdf  (64 kb) 03/10/2012