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Initial Teacher Training

Rebecca Walters

Staff profile

  • Senior Lecturer in Education

Rebecca Walters

Best thing about teaching at Teesside?

Our students - watching you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence is very rewarding. It’s a real privilege to see you walk across the graduation stage having worked so hard, then seeing you have an impact in the communities you work in after graduation.

How does your experience in education shape your teaching?

Having worked in a number of primary schools I had the chance to watch children learn and develop skills through their school experience and be part of that learning journey. I also know the challenges of working in school and the importance of working together as part of a team. Sharing my experience enables me to support and have empathy as you begin your journey of becoming a primary teacher.

How do your students benefit from your research?

My interests and doctoral work focus on teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and supporting children’s school learning. Political changes and student achievement expectations can be challenging to teachers; I explore how this relates to individual pedagogy. As you progress you develop your own teaching style, and my research provides useful insights throughout this process.

What can students expect from one of your classes?

Teaching is exciting and I hope that I can inspire and excite a passion for supporting learning opportunities for children in school. We work with you to establish an open and positive learning environment where you’re encouraged to share experiences and knowledge. You are challenged to reach your full potential and develop a reflective approach to your progress.

Most memorable moment of your career?

Graduation day is always the highlight of the year for me. Seeing you in your caps and gowns always makes me feel proud of your hard work and achievements. Everyone that walks across the stage has been on a journey and to see your smiles as you graduate is a wonderful feeling.

Best piece of advice for your students?

At Teesside University you become part of a large community that offers many exciting opportunities, meeting lifelong friends and making memories. Make the most of your time at university and try to embrace the experience.

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