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SOFI seminar series 2016-17

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  • 10 May 2017
  • 4.00PM - 6.00PM
  • Public event: No  |  Booking required: Yes
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About | SOFI seminar series 2016-17

Speakers: Dr Gary Currie & Dr Ewan Ingleby

Chair: Dr Clive Hedges

Title: Visual methods: Bridging the qualitative and quantitative divide

Abstract: In this seminar we argue against the traditional divide that is placed between qualitative and quantitative research (Cooper, Glaesser, Gomm and Hammersley 2012).

We reject the artificial barrier that has been put up to describe qualitative research as subjective and lacking in scale or wider applicability and transferability. In fact, large-scale sets of qualitative data can be constructed through the use of qualitative data analysis computer software, for data management, storage, and analysis.

We reflect on an inductive qualitative visual methods research process to problematise the rigid divisions that can apply to qualitative and quantitative research. We aim to develop approaches made to bridge this divide by Bryman (2008), Tummons (2014), and Tummons, MacLeod and Kits (2015).

Bryman, A. (2008) The end of the paradigm wars? In A. Alasuutari, L. Bickman and J. Brannen (Eds.) The Sage Handbook of Social Research Methods. London: Sage.
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Tummons, J., MacLeod, A. and Kits, O. (2015). Ethnographies across virtual and physical spaces: a reflexive commentary on a live Canadian/UK ethnography of distributed medical education. Ethnography and Education 10(1) 107-120.