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Student Ambassadors

What's involved

Student Ambassadors

As a student ambassador you...

  • represent Teesside University and act as a positive role model to visitors and young people
  • help raise the aspirations of young people and encourage them to progress to university
  • are able to take advantage of different training opportunities
  • receive a competitive hourly pay rate and get paid monthly for your work
  • develop professional skills to enhance your future career prospects
  • provide vital support to events and activities at Teesside University and in local schools and colleges

Events you will support include:

Motivational visits – guide secondary school pupils around campus and help them develop self-confidence, team work and presentation skills.

Open days – help visitors and their friends and family find out more about Teesside University. Duties include meeting and greeting prospective students, delivering campus and accommodation tours and ensuring that all visitors have a positive experience.

UCAS higher education exhibition – an event where groups from local colleges and sixth forms have the opportunity to speak to a range of higher education institutions at Teesside University. Roles on the day include meeting and greeting, helping visitors get around campus and keeping the event running.

Mentoring – working closely with pupils in schools and colleges to develop their skills, raise aspirations and improve attainment. You also work with teachers to support the work they do in the classroom in a one to one or group setting. You usually work on a series of regular sessions over the course of the academic year.

Placements – gain hands on classroom experience working in a local school or college, usually at the end of the academic year in a block placement of two or three weeks. Placements are an excellent opportunity to find out more about teaching and gain vital experience needed to move on to a teacher training course.

Virtual events – delivering presentations and aspirational activities to pre and post-16 institutions using Microsoft Teams. You also have the opportunity to be part of our online chat team, answering prospective applicants’ questions about the student experience.

Supporting other areas of the University – working with teams in Corporate Events, IT Help, Students’ Union, Department for International Development, and Campus Safety and Security.

Are you interested in becoming a student ambassador?

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