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Mathematics for University (Online)

Prepare for your degree in mathematics, engineering or computer science with our free online Mathematics for University (maths4uni) short course. Maths4uni can help you develop your knowledge, understanding and problem-solving skills in maths so that you can start your studies in September confidently and better prepared.


Approximately 100 hours


Course overview

Delivered 100% online, you study maths4uni when it is convenient for you, and at your own pace, with support from our tutors when you need it.

What do I need to do to enrol on maths4uni?
Maths4uni is free if you are applying via UCAS for year 0 (foundation year) or year 1 entry on an eligible full time degree course at Teesside University. See Entry requirements for a full list of eligible degree courses and how to enrol on maths4uni.

When can I enrol on my maths4uni course?
You can enrol at any time, as long as you meet all the eligibility criteria.

How long do I have to complete my maths4uni course?
This depends on when your degree course starts. All courses have a September start, but some courses also offer a January start date. Check your course information on for available start dates.

You must aim to complete all your maths4uni assessments by the following dates:

3 September if your degree course starts in September
18 December if your degree course starts in January

How many free places are available on maths4uni, and how will they be allocated?
There are 100 free places available and these will be offered on a first-come first-served basis to eligible UCAS applicants. When the first 100 free places are filled, only new applicants who have selected Teesside University as their firm choice via UCAS will be offered a free place on maths4uni.

The free places are available to eligible UK and Overseas applicants, as long as the application is submitted via UCAS and the eligibility conditions are met.

Can I use maths4uni to meet the conditions of my offer?
Maths4uni is an excellent complement to your current Level 3 studies, such as A-levels, BTEC or ACCESS to HE. If you do not meet in full the conditions of your offer for a place on your degree course, we can take your performance on maths4uni into consideration, but only if your maths4uni grade helps you to progress to university. Your maths4uni result will be disregarded if it does not impact positively on your progression to university.

If you have questions on the entry requirements for your degree course and how maths4uni might help you meet the conditions for admission, please contact our admissions team

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Course details

What you study

  • Algebraic manipulation
  • Basic techniques of differentiation and integration
  • Circular measure and trigonometry applied to non-right angled triangles
  • Elementary calculus using tables of standard derivatives and integrals
  • Functions, including logarithm and exponential functions
  • Simple applications of derivatives and integrals
  • Solution of equations with one or more unknown involving algebraic, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions

How you learn

You are given a learning pack where core subjects are presented in sequenced lessons that include self-assessment questions and answers to develop your learning.

Tutors are available by email for individual support. Additional support, course and tutorial materials, and links to supporting materials are available through the virtual learning environment.

How you are assessed

There is one assessment comprising of three elements, equally weighted. Each assessment has a set of short answer questions which are related to the sequence and content of the lessons.

Feedback from the self-assessment questions gives you an opportunity to prepare for this, and there is the opportunity to gain tutor feedback by email.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Before you can enrol on your math4uni course, you will need to hold a UCAS offer from Teesside University for a place on one of our eligible full time (year 0 or year 1 entry) undergraduate courses. The eligible degree courses are:

BEng (Hons) / MEng (Hons)
Aerospace Engineering
Automation and Digital Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

BSc (Hons)
Artificial Intelligence
Business Technology
Computer Science
Computing with Education
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Management
Information Technology
Software Engineering

Mathematics with Economics
Mathematics with Education
Mathematics with Data Analytics

Games Programming
Games Development

Music Technology

Construction Management

HNCs/HNDs, postgraduate and part-time courses are not included in this offer.

Enrolment process

There are three simple steps you need to follow to enrol on your free maths4uni course:
1. Submit your UCAS application for an eligible degree course at Teesside University.
2. Receive an offer (Conditional or Unconditional) for an eligible degree course.
3. Email to request your enrolment pack, quoting:
• your student number (you will find this on the email with your offer from Teesside University)
• your full name
• your date of birth
• the degree course you have received an offer for.

Unless you have already chosen Teesside University as your firm choice, free places on maths4uni are limited so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

You must aim to complete all maths4uni assessments by 3 September if your degree starts in September, or 18 December if your degree starts in January.

The maths4uni course should take you approximately 100 study hours to complete – the earlier you start, the more time you have.



2024/25 entry

Fee for applicants:

Free for Teesside University's UCAS applicants

  • Length: Approximately 100 hours
  • Online

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