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Business Information Technology (Online)

Pairing business expertise with technology can be a powerful combination in a business-oriented career. Business Technology will allow you to identify business challenges, find technological solutions.


Credits: 10, Level: 4, Fees: £50.00


Course overview

A fundamental activity within business technology is analysing existing business processes and bringing about improvements using technology. In this module, students will gain experience in analysing, designing, and building simple applications using a rapid application development approach.

The module will be assessed by an in-course assessment requiring students to develop a portfolio to demonstrate key rapid application development skills.

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Course details

What you study

- Introduction to application development.
- Overview of different application development methodologies.
- Identifying the users/clients' application needs.
- Data Analysis and Requirements.
- Developing user stories, features and road maps.
- Data Modelling.
- Design a solution based on stakeholder requirements.
- Selecting an appropriate tool
- Implementing designs
- Testing and Test Plans

How you are assessed

All learning outcomes will be assessed in a single assignment requiring students to submit a portfolio of development work to demonstrate application development skills. The work will be completed throughout the module during sessions with additional work being completed outside of class.

The portfolio of work will be assessed for the following:
- Planning documents
- Analyse Requirements
- User Stories by using Mendix tool.
- Define the stakeholders

- Use Case
- Wireframes
- Screenshots
- Testing and documentation: A test plan demonstrating detailed tests, expected and actual outcomes
- Quality of the solution(s): Application and document must be well-designed, professionally presented and easy to use when considered as a whole.
- Developing a solution by using one of the rapid development tools.

The application should be designed well.

An excellent use of controls to create a very user friendly and professional application should be applied.

Tool used to the best of its capabilities. An excellent Data Model must be exist which is designed without errors.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Minimum hardware and software requirements
- PC with internet access
- Mendix software



2023/24 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 4, Fees: £50.00
  • Online
  • Start date: Starts Tuesday 6 June, Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks, 6.00pm-9.00pm

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