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Engineering Principles SU (Online)

You explore a range of topics in electrical/electronic technology, chemical science and mechanical principles. You develop basic engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills to help you in your preparation for study on a University engineering degree. Ideally you will have at least grade C / 4 in GCSE mathematics, or equivalent, before enrolling on this course.


Credits: 10, Level: 4


Course overview

Primarily, you learn via online lectures with tutorial exercises used to test your understanding and reinforce your knowledge. In addition, recorded sessions are available so you can check back on topics

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Where you study

This course is delivered online.


Course details

What you study

basic electrical and electronic technology:
- DC circuits
- Ohm’s law
- series and parallel circuits
- Kirchhoff’s laws
- DC networks
- AC circuits
- alternating quantities
- resistance, inductance and capacitance
- simple series circuit
- introduction to electronics.

basic chemical science:
- physical and chemical changes
- elements, compounds and mixtures
- symbols and chemical formulae
- atomic and formula mass
- electron arrangement and bonding
- organic chemistry.

basic mechanical principles:
- beams
- static engineering systems
- shear and bending moment
- dynamic engineering systems
- motion and Newton’s laws of motion
- friction
- energy and energy transfer
- fluid mechanics
- introduction to fluid properties
- moments of area
- pressure in static fluids
- viscosity – its measurement and effects.

How you are assessed

You are assessed by a 1.5 hour online test in the final week.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You require grade C / 4 in GCSE mathematics, or equivalent, before enrolling on this course.



2024/25 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 4
  • Online

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