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Basic Interpretation of Blood Results


Course overview

This masterclass will provide an overview of common blood tests used in practice with a brief discussion around the nature of the test and some potential reasons for common variations of results.

This will not be an in-depth overview of the physiology pathophysiology of the test results and the reasons for variations. but this will be very briefly discussed. A common reference range for blood results will be presented from the lecturer's previous area, but reference ranges can vary from area to area so this is not given as the gold standard but is used as a guide. It is strongly recommended to be aware of local policies and reference ranges.

The aim of the masterclass is to give a better understanding of the common blood tests used in practice. However due to the numerous blood tests available not all will be covered so this masterclass will consider only those most frequently used in practice and discuss in relation to these.Masterclass content includes:

  • an overview of the common blood tests used in practice
  • reference range for blood tests
  • discussions around deranged blood results
  • ABG analysis
  • brief overview of VBG.

HEENE-funded: to access a HEE funded place you must be a non-medical employee and your organisation and CWD/CPD lead must approve your application for workforce needs before the start of the masterclass.

Self-funded: to access this on a self-funding basis you must pay the fee before the start of the masterclass using the online shop.
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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

This masterclass is open to all nurses from every background. It would be advantageous to have some experience of blood result interpretation and ABG interpretation.



2022/23 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 1 day
  • Online delivery
  • Start date: TBC

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