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Short courses
Nursing & Health

Diabetes Management and Prevention


Course overview

You build upon existing knowledge to improve the quality of care and service delivered to those living with diabetes.

You are introduced to different types of diabetes, its current treatment and management, including monitoring and technology, targets, medication, exercise and diet. Both acute and long-term complications associated with diabetes is discussed. You consider pre-conceptual care and pregnancy, and how to support service users of all ages throughout their long-term condition.

Finally, you review practical behaviour change tools and the importance of evidence-based structured education with examples that can be adapted into practice.You study:

  • the main types of diabetes and potential risk factors including genetics and lifestyle choices
  • factors that can influence diagnosis and initial treatment of diabetes
  • target blood glucose and HbA1c ranges arguing the need for individualised service-user goals
  • the importance of blood glucose and ketone monitoring and associated equipment including recent advances in technology
  • evidence-based treatment options including oral and injectable medication and insulin, and associated equipment including recent advances in technology
  • carbohydrate counting
  • acute and long-term complications of diabetes and treatment
  • family planning and pregnancy
  • structured education models
  • basic behaviour change tools.

HEENE-funded: to access a HEE funded place you must be a non-medical employee and your organisation and CWD lead must approve your application for workforce needs before the start of the masterclass. Self-funded: to access this on a self-funding basis you must pay the fee before the start of the masterclass using the online shop. Pay now on our online shop.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Applicants should be healthcare workers working in this area of practice.



2021/22 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 1 day
  • Start date: May 2022 and June 2022

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