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Diabetes Management and Prevention University Certificate in Professional Development

This is a blended-learning award for a Professionally Registered multi-professional student. Study this award and you develop the knowledge and skills you need to help holistically manage clients with diabetes in primary care.


Course overview

You explore pathophysiology, epidemiology, screening, monitoring, diagnosis, pharmaceutical therapeutics, medical devices and the psychosocial consequences of diabetes.

The summative assessment is a 3,000-word case study submission which critically analyses managing a person with diabetes in primary care.

You study the taught content across 10 weeks through blended learning - this is over five full days on alternating weeks over the 10-week period. Your assessment submission is two weeks after completing the taught content (week 12).

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Course details

What you study

  • Academic writing
  • Caring for vulnerable individuals with diabetes
  • Collaborative working across all stakeholders including patients/clients, families and carers
  • Common complications of diabetes
  • Diabetes epidemiology
  • Diabetic pharmaceutical therapeutics and delivery methods
  • Evidence-based approach to diabetes management
  • Health promotion and ill health prevention
  • Microvascular and macro-vascular disease
  • Pathophysiology of and causes of diabetes
  • Psychosocial impact of diabetes
  • Screening processes, diagnostics and continued monitoring

How you learn

During this award you take part in a variety of teaching and learning activities including interactive seminars, discussion groups, peer workshops and guided study. This gives you a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the module’s theoretical elements.

By actively participating in the course you are able to accept and value the contributions of your peers and further develop your belief in your own ability. You receive formative feedback on your development based on being able to synthesise and critically appraise the module content – this is evidenced through peer group discussion and skills practice. You are encouraged to reflect both in and on practice to demonstrate how you apply the module’s theoretical content.

How you are assessed

You produce a written case study (3,000 words max) evaluating the patient/client's care and justifying your proposed management and treatment options.
This must include

  • the care delivered from the assessment, management and treatment to be explored and underpinned by an evidence-based approach to practice
  • the psychosocial impact of diabetes, multiprofessional aspects of care and the scope for promoting better health and self-management.

You must obtain consent in accordance with the School of Health & Social Care policy.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Registered Qualification in Health



Career opportunities

This module provides support for registered practitioners in the care of patients with diabetes.



2023/24 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 12 weeks
  • 5 full days alternating across 10 weeks
  • Start date: March
  • Level: Degree
  • Credits: 20

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