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First Contact Practitioner (Paramedic) University Certificate in Postgraduate Professional Development

Developed specifically for paramedic practitioners working as first contact practitioners (FCPs) in primary care settings. Designed in accordance with Health Education England’s Roadmap to Practice.


3 semesters


Course overview

Develop your role as an FCP working with patients with urgent and unscheduled care and acute presentations that have had an acute or chronic onset. This course is delivered in two stages. In stage one you undertake one 20 credit module.

Develop your theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding, demonstrating your capability in each of the core clinical skills outlined in the Knowledge Skills and Attributes framework. In stage two you undertake a further 20 credit module and complete 75 hours of supervised practice in your primary care workplace which supports the evidencing of your competence across all FCP capabilities.

We also offer a portfolio or hybrid route if you have equivalent previous study and clinical experience. Prior to enrolling on the course, you must undertake a learning needs analysis to identify the most appropriate route for you.

This course is delivered over three semesters with start dates in September and January. The first stage of the course is delivered over one semester and the second stage over two semesters.

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Course details

What you study

Semester 1

Advanced Assessment and Management for the First Contact Practitioner (Paramedic) - Core module
Enhance your knowledge, skills and competencies in conducting advanced clinical assessments, managing patients, making clinical decisions and effectively collaborating with other healthcare professionals in the primary care setting.

Semesters 2 and 3
Primary Care Competencies for the First Contact Practitioner (Paramedic) - Core module
Learn to apply the knowledge, skills and attributes required to demonstrate capability and competence in practice through critical reflection, learning and development required for the role of a FCP.

In addition, as part of the Roadmap you must undertake requisite e-learning for health modules and evidence these in your portfolio.

How you learn

The modules are delivered through our online learning environment. Sessions include live lectures and webinars, case studies and real-life scenarios. You are encouraged to actively participate, ask questions and engage in discussions. Practice and apply your knowledge and skills through simulated scenarios, role-plays and group activities in interactive virtual workshops. The module team provide guidance, feedback and facilitate discussions to promote critical thinking and problem-solving.

Lecture recordings, reading materials and multimedia resources are available so you can access content at your own pace and review materials as needed. Online discussion forums are utilised to encourage peer interaction, collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.

Learning in practice is supported by clinical supervision and a range of structured formative assessment strategies such as triggered assessments, direct observed procedural skills, case-based discussions and mini clinical examinations. These allow you to demonstrate knowledge and skills within the clinical context.

How you are assessed

Summative assessment methods include written assignments, focusing on student selected clinical consultations and submission of a work-based learning portfolio, demonstrating achievement of the FCP knowledge, skills, and attributes. The summative assessments require you to critically reflect and evaluate your clinical practice and demonstrate your skills of clinical reasoning. The assessments are submitted through the online learning environment.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You must:
- be an HCPC Registered paramedic working as a first contact practitioner in primary care
- have a minimum of five years post-registration experience
- have a level 6 professional qualification
- have support from your employer
- have a designated FCP practice supervisor (prior to stage two).

Prior to enrolment you must:
Undertake a learning needs analysis (LNA). The LNA explores your FCP knowledge and prior experience, maps this information to stage one and two of the Roadmap to Practice and determines the appropriate training route for you.

If you do not currently hold a professional qualification at level 6, we will consider your application on an individual basis.



Career opportunities

This course supports your development to advanced practitioner. You can transfer the credits achieved towards the MSc Advanced Practitioner course.

Work placement

You undertake 75 hours of practice within your workplace, supervised by an accredited Roadmap Supervisor.



2024/25 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 3 semesters
  • Online
  • Start date: September
  • Level: Master's
  • Credits: 40

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