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Social Work

Safeguarding Adults
University Certificate in Continuing Education


Course overview

This course develops your knowledge and gives you the opportunity to reflect on key aspects of safeguarding practice with adults. You consider risk assessment and planning, decision making, and drivers in national and local policy, legislation and guidance. You enhance your knowledge and understanding of ethical dilemmas, practice issues and the inherent risks of adult safeguarding.

It is relevant to newly qualified and more experienced social work practitioners.

The course is delivered at Teesside University Darlington.


Course details

What you study

You study risk assessment and management, ethical decision-making and effective collaborative working. You examine serious case reviews and consider the implications for safeguarding practice and how central elements of the 'making safeguarding personal' agenda can be implemented. The implications of the Care Act for adult safeguarding practice are also examined in depth. You develop your reflection on your own practice with regard to safeguarding adults through a range of group activities.

How you learn

This course is delivered through a three-day block of teaching and includes keynote lectures, group work and the analysis of key documents in safeguarding adults.

How you are assessed

The module is assessed through a 4,000-word assignment based on a case study relevant to your work environment. This assignment is submitted eight weeks after the teaching block. Tutorial support is available after the teaching block in preparation for submitting your assignment.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The course is suitable for qualified practitioners requiring knowledge of safeguarding adults. It is relevant to qualified and more experienced social work practitioners.



2021/22 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 3-day block teaching; 8 weeks for assignment preparation
  • Credits: 20, Level: 6
  • Start date: 2020

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