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Student views

Hannah Barstow

Hannah now works with young people with complex needs.

Hannah  Barstow

BSc (Hons) Psychology

'I loved my course, especially the forensic classes which were amazing.'

Why psychology at Teesside?

I live close by and I’ve always wanted to go to university to study either psychology or nursing. After attending several open days, I knew that psychology was the course for me. The open days gave me a real insight – the staff were amazing and so helpful.

Tell us about your course

I loved my course, especially the forensic classes which were amazing. I had a real interest in criminal behaviour and enjoyed all of the practical sessions within the University’s replica courtroom. I also really enjoyed learning about child development and learnt behaviour. This really interested me as I am a mother myself and I never really realised the effects that the environment and my own behaviour could have on my son.

I made some very good friends who were always there to help throughout my time at university. I took part in other students’ studies which was interesting and very educational. I would always encourage other students to get involved in as much research as possible because it definitely helps.

Did you do any work experience or a placement?

I completed a range of voluntary work during my studies and I joined Volun-tees, which is a University programme that supports students to get involved in volunteering activities in the community.

I worked as a therapeutic care volunteer for James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough for one year. I also volunteered as a mentor in the probation service and I spent three years as an individual visitor for the family support service, Changing Futures. I really enjoyed working with individuals in probation and young children. I believe my volunteering experience was a huge factor in me finding employment when I left University – I gained so much experience and many new skills.

What are you doing now?

I’m working as a senior support worker for Positive Individual Pro-active Support (PIPS), assisting young people with the most complex needs. It’s a lovely job with a brilliant team. I’m also studying for a diploma in residential childcare, an opportunity which my company has provided alongside my work.

Would you recommend Teesside University to others?

Without a doubt I would recommend Teesside. There was so much I loved about my course – there was never a dull day and I learned so much. It was an amazing, exhausting and rewarding experience – I didn’t want it to end.