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Undergraduate study


A law degree brings with it prestige, good career prospects and the possibility of an attractive salary but, more than this, it opens a route into the legal profession. As a law graduate you are a fact finder, a problem solver and able to develop reasoned arguments. These skills are transferable enabling a diverse range of career opportunities.

Teesside Law Clinic

Teesside University is committed to ensuring our students graduate with the best possible skills for employment in the legal profession. Through Teesside Law Clinic we work in partnership with lawyers, charities and voluntary organisations to provide our students with real opportunities and practical skills in law.

  Course title Qualification Full-time Part-time  
Law LLB (Hons) Yes Yes View course
Law with Business Management LLB (Hons) Yes Yes View course
Law with Policing LLB (Hons) Yes Yes View course
Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice LLB (Hons) Yes Yes View course
Legal Studies (Top-up) BSc (Hons) Yes No View course

Degree types explained