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Case Study: Ryan Kenny

Ryan's PHD assesses postural changes during textured insole usage, with emphasis on possible mechanisms. These mechanisms are assessed via cortical adaptations with neuroimaging techniques.

Ryan Kenny


  • balance
  • exercise
  • neuroimaging
  • sport science

Conference Outputs

Kenny RPW., Hood S., Wright D. & Eaves DL. (2016)

- Does motor imagery during action observation enhance motor learning of a martial arts front kick?
- Poster presentation: Research in Imagery and Observation Annual Meeting. The University of Manchester, England.

Kenny RPW., Eaves DL., Martin D., Hatton A. & Dixon J. (2018)

- The effects of textured insoles on quiet standing balance in four stance types with and without vision.
- Poster presentation: 12th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) World Congress. Paris, France.

About Ryan

Ryan first came to Teesside University as an undergraduate student, completing his BSc (honours) in sports and exercise (applied sport science). Afterwards, he completed a MSc in sports science at the institute.

It was during this time Ryan gained interest in motor control and learning, becoming fascinated by the way we learn and control our movements. He is now applying this knowledge to how we control our balance, with emphasis on improving it by way of tactile stimulation. This is in aid of a PhD thesis, which aims to assess postural changes during textured insole usage, with emphasis on possible mechanisms. These mechanisms are being assessed via cortical adaptations through neuroimaging techniques.

This PhD is being undertaken in the School of Health under the guidance of Professor John Dixon, Doctor Dan Eaves, and Professor Denis Martin. The PhD is through the Doctoral Training Alliance, which aims to produce independent, highly-employable researchers with expertise and transferrable skills. Ryan has a very keen interest in research and is always looking for ways to branch out, currently acting as a research assistant to multiple studies.

In addition, he has gained vital experience of teaching during his time as a part time lecturer across sport science degrees and modules.


Published :: Eaves DL., Emerson JR., Binks JA., Scott MW. & Kenny RPW. (2018)
Imagery ability: the individual difference gradient and novel training methods (Commentary on Kraeutner et al. (2018)). European Journal of Neuroscience. 47:10.
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