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Education, Early Childhood and Youth Discovery Day

  • 04 March 2020
  • 12.45PM - 3.00PM
  • Not a public event  |  Booking required: Yes
  • The Curve, Middlesbrough Campus  |  Directions

Join us at our Education, Early Childhood and Youth Discovery Day

Closing date for registrations: 24 February 12.00am

Students interested in careers in the childcare and education sectors should attend this event.

We explore the contemporary issues surrounding keeping children safe and understanding how society approaches this.
Students develop a greater understanding of duty of care and the challenges faced in the following sessions.

A key focus of practice when working with children is safeguarding – keeping children safe and protecting them from harm.We consider safeguarding and what this means for those working with children, including negative experiences we face in life and how children keep themselves safe or manage the risks.

Celebrities, superheroes and saving children!
We are often placed under pressure from celebrities in television fund raising events and charity adverts urging us to help children from impoverished countries.
The session considers if this is about making the most of celebrities’ power of influence, or are the celebrities themselves victims of manipulation by charities?
It also considers if charities and aid make a difference to children in the underdeveloped countries of the world?

The event has multiple benefits for your students interested in studying at higher education level by developing their knowledge and understanding of:

> subject specific information pertaining to their current studies
> an insight into the subject at higher education level
> expectations of studying at higher education level
> an opportunity to try the subject before deciding on study pathways at university
> reflective experience to include in their UCAS application personal statement

Contact Lee Musson for further details.