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Leah Gibbs

A volunteer placement at a hospital led Leah to study for a degree in sports therapy and rehabilitation.

Leah Gibbs

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

I would highly recommend this degree. I am in my third year and this degree has helped me to achieve personal and professional development.

Why did you choose Teesside?

I’ve always been encouraged to pursue higher education. It seemed like the logical next step to develop my knowledge and personal and professional skills.
I heard about Teesside University from UCAS and researched it through Unistats and found that student satisfaction and student experience were both high. The facilities at Teesside, such as the hydrotherapy pool, were also a big influence on my choice.

Why did you choose to study that particular subject?

I completed a volunteer placement at a hospital, shadowing a team of physiotherapists. After this placement I applied for a physiotherapy degree, but unfortunately due to my lack of training and background knowledge, I wasn’t successful. I looked into similar pathways and found a sports therapy and rehabilitation degree at Teesside University which would give me knowledge in similar areas to enable me to pursue a career in physiotherapy.

What do you think about the campus?

I feel like I’ve utilised all the services on campus including careers, Students’ Union and The Library. I feel like all these services have helped me with my personal and professional development. I also live in University accommodation, the location is ideal - close to all amenities that I need.

What about your social life?

I was in the same position as a lot of first years away from home and I met new friends and socialised, got familiar with the campus and got involved with the Students’ Union activities. Throughout my second and third years I feel settled and I’m focusing on my studies.

Are you a member of any clubs or societies or involved in any volunteering programmes?

I’ve been training with Teesside University’s Taekwon-Do Club for over a year and am now on the committee as the Vice-Chair Finance. I am currently a volunteer at Middlesbrough College Learning Disability Gymnastics Club providing support to the athletes and coaches every Friday for almost two years.
I travelled to India with three other students for six weeks during the summer of 2017, shadowing physiotherapists in hospitals which Teesside University has international links with. I gained valuable insights into the cultural differences within the physiotherapy profession and how practice is applied within a clinical setting.

Would you recommend Teesside?

I would highly recommend this degree. I am in my third year and this degree has helped me to achieve personal and professional development. Lecturers are always willing to help with my development which enhances my student experience.
The modules are all valuable, but the clinical reasoning module in the third year has helped me to evaluate and enhance my skills. This degree has helped me realise that I am equipped to apply for postgraduate study to develop my skill level and employability options.