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SoFI seminar series

26 April 2017
Public event:
4.00PM - 6.00PM
Booking required:
HS1.03, Centuria (meet on 1st floor of Clarendon at 3.45pm for refreshments)
Contact information

Name: Leanne Graham
T: 01642 342801

Speaker Mark Wijnbergen, Teesside University

Chair Professor Iain Spears, Teesside University

Development of new technologies for use in talent identification and development in youth football

Talent identification and development (TID) is a very important area within football. The players identified as the biggest talents are included in elite youth academies. This increases their chances of reaching their full potential, as they are developed under supervision of expert trainers and train more hours a week compared to other youth football players.

As clubs compete with each other for the biggest talents and invest a lot of money into the academies, it is important to include players with the biggest potential in their academy, to benefit maximally.

However, it has been shown that there are several biases within the TID area. This is partly due to subjective talent identification of clubs. Also, the demands of football have changed and will change over time, which makes it hard to predict which characteristics are necessary in elite football over ten years. An extra difficulty is the non-linear development of children, and differences in development between children.

As a consequence, it is hard to compare youth football players and give each player an optimal training schedule. Thus, more scientific insight is necessary to overcome these problems within the TID process. In this seminar, it will be discussed how new technologies could be used to improve the TID processes within football.

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