Research standards and values

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  • 28 March 2018
  • 1.30PM - 4.30PM
  • Not a public event  |  Booking required: Yes
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About | Research standards and values

The session will focus on example cases and situations which raise questions about values and standards in research and why it matters to you as a researcher. This session is compulsory for all 1st year research degree students but it is suitable for all levels of research, both staff and students, and is applicable to all disciplines and all are welcome to attend.

• What sorts of issues require awareness of standards when conducting research?

• How research standards affect your research practice and why this is relevant to your discipline

• Overview of international guidelines and UK expectations on research integrity and ethics.

Specific topics include:

• Data management, interpretation and analysis

• Planning and design issues

• Authorship, publication

• Research communication

For more in detail coverage of research ethics, there is a complementary session to accompany this introductory session. See the event data base for details.

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