Professorial Lecture Series: Climbing down the ivory tower

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  • 03 May 2018
  • 5.30PM - 7.00PM
  • Public event: Yes  |  Booking required: Yes
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About | Professorial Lecture Series: Climbing down the ivory tower

Inaugural Professorial Lecture
Professor Dorothy Newbury-Birch

Climbing down the ivory tower: how can academics work with the public and public health stakeholders more effectively?

We are in a time of austerity - service commissioners are having to make difficult decisions about how to use public money effectively and prioritising services in relation to need. This interactive lecture explores how best we, as academics, can work to deadlines and still achieve meaningful results. Are academics really seen, like Professor Dumbledore, to be sitting in a cosy office with a big log fire avoiding interaction with the outside world. And, if we are, how do we change this perception? We will look at a case study – working with a group of young people from Norham High School, North Tyneside on a piece of research. And we will consider the importance of looking at the different needs and skills of all partners and how we can work together effectively.

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