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Teesside Launchpad


The Enterprise Team support the development of student and graduate businesses.

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Teesside Launchpad

Teesside Launchpad provides support and advice for Teesside University graduates, students and staff looking to start a new business venture.


What is The Micro Business Academy?

By being part of Micro Biz Academy, you will:

  • Get the support you need to start a small business that can provide income whilst you study
  • Join an entrepreneurial community that will enhance and develop your employability
  • Overcome any fears, self-limiting beliefs and lack of confidence that may hold you back

MicroBiz website


An impactful mix of space housed in the historic Victoria Building and a place for community and business mentoring, providing a platform for funding to create sustainable high-growth graduate start-ups.

Available to Teesside University students or graduates, you gain access to 18 months of structured mentoring, support and office space. As well as access to a range of workshops and sessions including in areas such as:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Search engine optimisation and web
  • Branding
  • Intellectual property and legal
  • Social media
  • Presentation skills
  • Start-up business mentoring
  • Investors and funding

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Enterprise on-campus

The team deliver a range of on-campus initiatives and projects including:

Annual Enterprise Awards
A fantastic opportunity to celebrate, showcase and recognise all the great enterprise and entrepreneurial work that takes place at the University by staff and students.

Global Entrepreneurship Week
Deliver a range of innovative and impactful activities including workshops, competitions and sessions to support your enterprising skills development and entrepreneurial thinking.

Support Teesside Enactus
An opportunity to be involved in a forward-thinking group who are making a social impact to their community by developing projects such as Re-Serve which tackles issues with food waste and food poverty.

Teesside Launchpad