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Make a difference with a social enterprise business

The Tees Valley faces a wide range of challenges such as high levels of social and economic deprivation. Teesside University works in partnership with a range of organisations harnessing a collaborative approach to tackling social problems. At Launchpad we support students and staff to act as a catalyst for change within our communities.


Thirteen Group

Teesside University and Thirteen Group have a shared vision to improve opportunities for people across the Tees Valley. We have an innovative partnership which aims to grow social enterprise across the Tees Valley delivering sustainable solutions that tackle local issues.

This year we have worked closely with Teesside University International Business School on their sustainability, strategy and society module in which students tackled real world challenges faced by Thirteen Group. Students developed leadership skills and presented evidence-based solutions to overcome a problem faced by local communities in the Tees Valley.

The Hope Foundation/furbdit

The Hope Foundation is a local charity that has supported people in Middlesbrough since 1995 with the aim of reducing disadvantage, loneliness and isolation while helping people recognise their potential. furbdit is a partnership solution developed to help bridge the digital divide. It is an online platform designed to connect businesses and organisations who have digital equipment they no longer need with organisations that can distribute them to people with no access to digital devices.

Barefoot Kitchen CiC

Barefoot Kitchen CIC is a social enterprise that works at grassroots level to create revolutionary, regenerative and resilient communities in the Tees Valley through food growing, cooking and sharing initiatives - from plot to plate.

Launchpad has teamed up with Barefoot Kitchen to develop innovative solutions that help tackle food poverty in the local area.

Enactus Teesside

Enactus is an international organisation that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and communities.

Enactus Teesside is always looking for team members who want to get involved in projects that have an impact on communities working with partners across the Tees Valley.

We have a range of opportunities for staff and students to get involved. This could be developing your own social impact initiatives, supporting our partners, or supporting our central team with recruitment and content.


We are currently working on the innovative social impact projects, including an impact arcade, community esports and developing a disused retail space into an incubator for a social impact business.

Why not get involved with our projects, or why not start your own? Contact us.

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